Free Numerology Readings

Is there something not quite right about your life right now?  Are you wondering if you are going to get that dream job?  Wondering if this is the right time to make that big move?  If these are some of the questions and concerns that you have, Markie can help you.  Never before has anything like this been done.  Markie will get straight to the point and to the core of your issue.  So I ask you, are you ready to get into the drivers seat, and take charge of your life?

Take a leap of faith and start living your life-by-the-numbers!

Every number has a vibration in numerology, and knowing what that vibration is and how to work with that energy can be extremely powerful.  How would you like to know when to plan extremely important events?  Did you know that the date of your wedding sets the tone for your entire marriage?  With free numerology readings, you can plan ahead.  In addition to receiving your Numerology Reading, you will be subscribed to our free numerology newsletter.  The free numerology newsletter will give you updates from, articles on numerology, discounts, and upcoming products.  You will receive entertaining celebrity articles, and how Numerology can help you.


If you want something more in depth you can schedule a personal numerology readings with Markie.  This is a session that  will get to the core of who you are, what matters most, and where you want to go in life.  After a Personal Numerology Reading, most people come out feeling renewed and with a totally different, but positive perspective on their lives.




What is Free Numerology Readings?

Is Numerology a Science?  Or is Numerology hocus pocus with mysticism attached to it?  It’s probably a little bit of both.  The belief is that there is a cosmic bond in numbers.  Each number has a special and identifiable vibration, which links the mysteries of the universe and us together.  Amongst all the different nations and cultures on this planet, numbers are universal.  For this reason the root numbers 1-9 are given their own unique meaning, which have a profound effect on anything and everything in this world.

Depending on your belief, there are two different yet equally as powerful systems in Numerology.  The Western or Pythagorean system and the Eastern or Chaldean system.  In my work and readings I incorporate both systems, as I feel that each has their own powerful way of giving one a glimpse into their life.

The late Pythagoras was a Greek mathematician (founder of the Pythagorean Theorem) and spiritualist in the 6th century B.C.  He is said to be the Father of modern day Numerology.  Chaldean Numerology dates back thousands of years, to the time of the Babylonians.  You will hear all sorts of stories about how these two systems differ, and how one is superior over the other.  However, keep an open mind, as I said each system is unique and equally relevant.

The power of the numbers not only lay in the numbers themselves, but in the alphabet.  It is said that each letter in the alphabet has a number value, which provide a cosmic energy.  There are three major important numbers in anyone’s blueprint.  You have three major numbers in your blueprint.  They are your day of birth, your lifepath (the sum of your entire birth date), and your destiny number (the sum of your birth name).  With these major numbers we can tell a wealth of information about someone.

Your lifepath number and name number are very much involved in one another, through those numbers we can let you know your life purpose, talents, life objectives, motivations, and fears, amongst many more things.  We are able to forecast possible future events, and the best and worst times for major events.  Some use Numerology for marriage, business, travel, surgery, or family.  A Numerologist should not predict absolute failure or absolute success, anyone who does is a fraud.  When predicting a Numerologist speaks of potentialities, which is the case with any metaphysical type of study.  Numbers, planets, names, tarot cards, psychics do not dictate what will happen in your life, YOU do!  Free will rules all.

Please also be advised that Numerology cannot be used to predict death.  As Numerologist we can tell what numbers may cause some types of illnesses, or which cycles one has to take care of their health, but predicting death is not possible.  Only the Universe knows this.

Numerology is beautiful.  All nine numbers have their own essence and qualities.  Numerology helps us see our fullest potential, and assists us in navigating our life.  At this point you must ask yourself, are you living up to your potential?